Shark Pet Perfect Vacuum – Is It Really *Perfect*?

Is It Worth the Money?There’s been a lot of talk about the Shark Pet Perfect as Seen on TV so I set out to find if it lives up to the hype and if it’s worth the money.  Hype or no hype, if it’s not a good pet hair vacuum, I’m not interested.  So, let’s see what I found out.

There are a few models of the Shark Pet Perfect (see and models and best prices here) and while the features of each sound good, the reviews are not that good overall.

Shark Bagged Pet Perfect Canister Vacuum Review

From an over-all “birds-eye” look, the Shark Pet Perfect has a solid 3 out of 5 star rating.  The odd things is, either consumers give a full 5 stars – or they give it one star – there is very little in the middle. (read all consumer reviews here)

Biggest complaints?

Battery life and suction power which are 2 really important features when it comes to cordless hand held vacuums, right?

In my situation – we have 2 indoor cats (read: lots of cat hair, cat food crumbs, and litter leftovers) AND we have kids (read: any kind of mess at any given time).  So I am looking at this Shark Pet Perfect from those 2 angles – as a pet owner and as a parent.

Most that love this Shark hand held say the power is plenty good enough and great for quick pick-ups (crumbs, cat litter, cat hair, etc).

The suction works well when vacuuming pet hair off the couch and other furniture, but not great at anything that requires more than a few minutes of vacuuming.  To me, that’s what a handheld is for – the QUICK jobs.  I’m not going to vacuum my whole house with it!  I’m thinking this is the reasoning behind some of the lower ratings – people expected to be able to run this handheld off one charge for a long time.

I don’t expect that at all so I’m not paying much attention to those negative reviews.

There was a really great tip in all the reviews of this vacuum cleaner – when using a bagless vacuum like this Shark, if you put a coffee filter in the filter of the handheld, it makes cleaning the filter much easier.  Just pull out the coffee filter and have a fresh clean Shark filter underneath.

That’s brilliant!  And will help keep the original Shark filter brand new for a long time.  I love little tips like that!

All in all, not a bad vacuum at all.  You can get it here for less than $60 with free shipping.

Shark Pet Perfect Hand Vac Reviews

Here are some things consumers say about the Shark Pet Perfect:

“I’ve owned this now for a little over 6 months, and we use it more than 5x daily. I have to say it is one of the single best small vacuums for small jobs…”

“…It has decent suction and will take all the hair off the couch, however by the time I have cleaned the 3 cushion sofa..the battery is dead….”

“…Battery charge is good for about 20 minutes light duty after 16 hour charge….”

“…I’ve owned this handheld vacuum for about 2 years and it has worked very well for me. The rolling brush attachment makes vacuuming the stairs so much easier than using the attachment/hose on the big vacuum. The suction is great, the batter life is fine, the canister holds plenty….”

Read all full reviews here.

Best Handheld Bagless Pet Vacuum – My Vote Goes To…

I still think the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser is the best handheld bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair – tho not the best handheld vacuum overall.

The Bissell is really great, less than $25 with free shipping, and has way over 700 reviews with an almost perfect 5-star rating. (read all the raving reviews here).

Only thing is, the Bissel is not cordless.  For me, that’s just fine – plus, plugging it in means a LOT more suction power AND you can use it as long as you like without worrying about stopping to recharge.

Vacuuming pet hair requires power…so based on that, this Bissel handheld wins every time for me.


Shark Pet Perfect Handheld vs Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vs Eureka 71b

As you’ll see when you click to read the reviews, the Shark Pet Perfect Bagless handheld vacuum pales in comparison to the almighty Bissell Pet Hair Eraser.

However, both the Shark and the Bissell are totally blown out of the water by the best-selling and best-rated Eureka 71b Handheld vacuum.

Shark Cordless 14.4V Pet Perfect Hand Vac SV70
Shark Cordless Bagless Pet Perfect Hand Vac
3 out of 5 Stars

Read 40+ Reviews

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum Corded 33A1
BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum
4.4 out of 5 Stars

Read 700+ Reviews

Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum 71B
Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum 71B
#1 Best Rated – 4.5 Stars

Read 2600+ Reviews

Bottom Line on the Shark Pet Perfect

When it comes to the best handheld vac for your money, I would skip the Pet Perfect and go with either the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser or go with the Eureka handheld. The Eureka is an amazing handheld vacuum and it’s under $40 with free shipping here.

That’s a great price on a top-rated handheld vacuum cleaner.

Still not sure which pet hair vacuum you need?

Go here and compare pet vacuum cleaners.



Orange Kitchen Accessories

There are so many orange kitchen accessories, I don’t even know where to start!  As I gather my thoughts and organize my upcoming posts, you can check out this orange kitchen accessories page.

I also have this one with lots of orange kitchen towels…and of course, this orange tea kettles page as well.

When you’re browsing around at all these orange kitchen things, keep in mind that you need to choose your SHADE of orange.

Sound odd?  I’m sure it might until I tell you that there are like 100 or so different shades of orange paint alone!

Most orange kitchen accessories are either standard orange, burnt orange, or tangerine.  KitchenAid products that we would call orange are called tangerine by their company.

There’s also pumpkin orange as well.  Yep, lots of orange shades for the kitchen and that’s just in appliances, towels, cookware, and stuff!

I’ll be back with lots of new posts showcasing the best orange kitchen accessories I come across.  Oh, and I’ll let you know when I find cheap accessories and great deals as well.

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The Best Vacuum Cleaner To Buy – My Quest

Isn't it odd when something as simple as finding a new vacuum cleaner becomes an obsession?  It's happened to me...and I don't think it's normal..haha!  You may have noticed more and more vacuum cleaner review type posts on my various sites with everything from talking about orange vacuum cleaners to the top-rated vacuum cleaner resources I use.

In fact, I have all these review pages as well:


I also have a Top-Rated Vacuum Cleaners board on Pinterest as well!

Yep, it's apparently an obsession...I MUST know the best vacuum cleaner to buy - haha!

So, in order to feed my obsession in a more organized way, I have started a separate vacuum reviews website so I can post all about all kinds of vacuum cleaners there.

My new site is here:  My Vacuum Reviews

I just posted my first review over there - Shark Pet Perfect Vacuum - Is It Really Perfect?

Feel free to stop by anytime you're in the mood - or in need of a new vacuum cleaner.


Best Hoover Bagless Vacuum? My Choice

Hoover makes some amazing vacuum cleaners, don't they?  Heck, they even have this vacuum cleaner that sticks to the ceiling - crazy!

But what about Hoover bagless vacuums?  Are they any good?  Which Hoover is best for the money?

What I didn't know is that Hoover has quite a few top-rated bagless vacuums (see them all here).  The WindTunnel UH70210 Upright is the biggest consumer favorite tho (read my full review here).

Yep, it's really powerful, and yep, it has a long 27-foot cord, and YEP, it also has that cool Hoover technology called "rewind" where the cord just pops right back into the vacuum for you (so much nicer than having to wind and wrap it).

To me, it's great for all the "full" vacuuming jobs around the house, but it's pretty big for pulling out just for a quick pick-it-up (if you have kids, you know exactly what I mean).

Best Hoover Bagless For The Money - My Choice

The best Hoover bagless vacuum for ME is their lightweight stick model - the Hoover Flair Bagless Stick with power nozzle.

Apparently, I'm not the only one that LOVES this bagless stick vacuum from Hoover - it has a really strong 4 out of 5 star ratings from consumers and over 1700 reviews!  (read all the real consumer reviews here).

This Hoover stick vacuum is super lightweight and has a strong 7 amp motor.  It also has what Hoover calls a "power nozzle" which really improves the suction power.  Now don't be fooled and think this is a bagless vacuum just for hardwood floors, linoleum, or ceramic - it works great on carpet too.  The swivel head also makes it easy to get in all kinds of tight spaces when you're vacuuming.

So, while I really DO like the Hoover WindTunnel, my overall vote for the BEST Hoover bagless vacuum is for the Hoover Flair (less than $40 with free shipping here - that's the best price I've found and it's a really awesome deal!)


Top-Rated Vacuum Cleaners? Resource Sites I Use

When you're in the market for a new vacuum cleaner it's natural to go on a research trip around the internet to be sure you are choosing from high-quality and top-rated vacuum cleaners.  Well, at least that's what *I* do  =)

I have found some web pages that have really helped me compare vacuum cleaners and also offer some great reviews from folks that actually own the vacuums.  I'm going to share those web pages here in case it can help any of y'all next time you're shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Resources:

Baby Storage Baskets

Ready to organize your baby nursery?  Need ways to keep all those cute little socks and bibs and ALL that baby gear straight?

Why not look into baby storage baskets?  There are some really cute designs and ideas - everything from organizing the baby's closet to changing table basket ideas - even how to make your OWN baskets to use in the nursery.


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Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners

In the market for a new vacuum cleaner?  There are SO many to choose from - so how will you know which is best?

This site is awesome and will help you compare top-rated vacuum cleaners and give you some great feedback about each one. 

They compare Dyson models... go over the whole Shark vs Dyson debate, talk about the best-rated robot vacuums and so much more.  Lots of review videos as well so you can see the vacuums in action and compare features, etc.

Here's a quick link list to all the vacuum cleaner info they have on that site and other review sites.




Orange Kitchen Stuff

Ready to redecorate your kitchen and look at some orange kitchen decor ideas?  If so, here's some great ideas!

Just click any link to see the ideas and pictures - and read reviews as well as customer feedback.

How about some Paula Deen orange cookware?  Paula's cookware sets are fantastic and are usually well-priced so you get a lot for your money.  Her orange color (which she calls coral) is a beautiful share and is "speckled" as well - meaning it's not a "flat" orange color.

Orange kitchen towels can do a lot to change the look of your kitchen and add a pop of color as well.  Oh, and how about an orange tea kettle on your stove - they really look sharp.  Feeling kind of wild, think about getting an orange vacuum cleaner.  There are some really great vacuum cleaners in orange.

You'd be surprised at all the decor ideas for an orange kitchen - there are tons!  Here is an entire Facebook page dedicated to just that topic and here's a Pinterest board that has lots of pictures of orange kitchens and accessories.