Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Reviews


Let’s take a look at some indoor outdoor thermometer reviews and see which one is the best according to consumers. The thermometer in the picture to on the right is a GREAT indoor/outdoor wireless thermometer…. just click the picture to learn more and read the reviews if you’re interested. Personally, I think it LOOKS great […]

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Best Portable Ice Maker Machines – Which Should YOU Buy?


Portable ice makers (the little kind that fits on your counter top) are really handy to have around the house, on your boat, in your RV, when you’re camping, etc etc etc. EVERYONE needs more ice, right? Right! Especially if you’ve got a big YETI cooler to fill! So, which one is best?  At this […]

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Should You Buy a YETI Cooler?

are YETI coolers worth the price?

As I ask around my family for what gift they really, really want, I get to my husband who says, “I REALLY want a YETI cooler!!!” Well ok, easy enough!  So off I go to buy a YETI cooler online. WHOA, wait a minute!  Why the heck are YETI Coolers SOOOOOO expensive!?!? (here’s why) Seriously, […]

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Best Food Processor and Blender Combo Reviews


In the market for an affordable yet really good food processor/blender combo? Let’s take a look at this unique kitchen appliance, review some of the top ones, and share some tips when buying a food processor and blender combo online. In a hurry? See the current best-rated food processor/blender combos here Thеrе has bееn a […]

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Best Affordable FULL SIZE Folding Bike


In the market for a full-size folding bike? Have a budget so really want an inexpensive folding bike yet one that is really good quality?  If so, you’re in the right place.  Below you will find a hand-picked list of full size folding bike reviews, consumer reports and feedback, walk-through and demo videos, and much […]

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Pebble Smartwatch For Women? This Girl’s Review


I’m a scrawy petite woman and I LOVE my Pebble smartwatch! It was quite a journey finding a good smart watch that did what *I* wanted it to do AND wouldn’t look ridiculous on my wrist. Smartwatches are all the rage lately, aren’t they? And wow, they sure come in some cool styles— for MEN! […]

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A Whole House Humidifier to Beat the Dry Winter Air?


Here comes winter…and here comes that nasty dry air that just kills me each year.  This year, I’m being proactive and doing research on what to DO for dry air in my house. It seems the obvious answer (after researching a bit and reading a TON of info and reviews) is to get a humidifier […]

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Cuisinart TOB-40 Compact Toaster Oven Review


When it comes to picking the best toaster ovens in 2014, the Cuisinart TOB-40 is right in there with the best-rated by consumers. This is a compact toaster oven yet plenty big enough to toast bread and bagel…and reheat pizza up to 11 inches. This Cuisinart toaster oven has options to not only toast, but […]

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Best Yogurt Makers Reviews and Ratings


Ready to make some homemade yogurt? It’s easy if you have a good home yogurt maker. But which one is best? Which is the best value – and which yogurt makers are NOT worth the money? All that and more below in the list of reviews and ratings for popular and top-rated home yogurt machine […]

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