SirGo – Free Site To Make Money Online –

sirgo-make moneyMany people aren't even aware of this, but there are lots of ways to make money online for FREE. Yes, FREE money!  Cool, right?  I certainly think so.

Using these free-to-use sites is how I got started and they work really well.  If you want to know exactly how it all works, watch this free video right here - it explains it in complete detail better than I can explain in words.

In a nutshell, you create free little web pages and when people click your links on your pages and buy something, you earn a commission.  For example, say you love your Kindle Fire that you got from  You can sign up (for free) as an "Amazon Associate" and they give you special code to make your links so that when people click them, YOU get a credited for any sales.

You simply make one of these free web pages, write 400-500 words or so about your Kindle, why you like it, what you wish was different, etc (yep, just like a review you'd write on Amazon when you buy something) put your special code on it - and that's it.  Trust me, it's easy to do.  I don't know why EVERYONE doesn't do it.

Now, don't freak out at the thought of "making a web page" - these free-to-use sites make it really easy.

One such site that is free to use and you can make money from is SirGo (  I've used a lot of free sites to make money online and SirGo is fun, easy, and the owner is always there to help.  I've reviewed a lot of these types of sites, and I really like using SirGo AND I like the money I make there.  As I said before, free money is always fun, Fun, FUN!

How Much Can You Make From SirGo?

That is totally up to you.  Just making one page most likely won't make you rich, but if you make one of these little pages everyday, you'd have a LOT of them out there working FOR you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....and they could make sales for you for years to come.

Basically, do the work once, and then that work is out there working FOR you for a long time to come.

If you could use some extra money, go here to SirGo and sign up (it's totally free, no risk, no contract, nothing weird like that), then click to create a page and start writing.


Have fun!