Pebble Smartwatch For Women? This Girl’s Review

pebble smart watch for women reviewI'm a scrawy petite woman and I LOVE my Pebble smartwatch! It was quite a journey finding a good smart watch that did what *I* wanted it to do AND wouldn't look ridiculous on my wrist.

Smartwatches are all the rage lately, aren't they? And wow, they sure come in some cool styles--- for MEN! Come on techno-geek people, let's get on the ball and get some really sharp smartwatches on the market for women, ok? Ok.

Now that I have that out of my system, let me tell you about MY smartwatch.

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Why This Scrawny Petite-Wristed Girl Wanted a Smartwatch

I am a very small-framed woman. I'm 5'5" tall about weigh maybe about 120 pounds (when soaking wet). I'd imagine that most people would describe my build as scrawny petite.

One day, this scrawny petite woman with little itty-bitty wrists decided she wanted.... no, she HAD to HAVE a smartwatch.

I'm not one to have my big ol' iPhone 6 Plus in my hand 24/7. It usually stays on the desk while at home... or in my purse when I'm out.

The biggest complaint from my friends and family is that I never answer my calls or texts. Why? because I never heard them come through.

But then... my hubby started traveling for work and was on the road a lot... my daughter got pregnant with her first baby... then my daughter-in-law turned up expecting also.

Not being reachable at any moment in time was no longer an option.

So off I went to find a smart watch.

Pebble Has Some Great Smart Watches for Women!

As you'll find out as you read along, I ended up getting the white Pebble watch, but I was really, REALLY torn between the white and that awesome Hot Pink.

My White Pebble Smart Watch - for iPhones and Android DevicesPebble E-Paper Smart Watch for iPhone and Android Devices (Orange)Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android (Hot Pink - LOVE this one!)

As I said, I ended up getting the white thinking that it would go with everything AND not stick out (in case it was WAY to big on me). Now, in hindsight, I wish I got the hot pink one =)

Smart Watches for Women - What *I* Wanted In a Smartwatch

I wanted a wearable bluetooth watch that would vibrate on my wrist when a call was coming through my phone AND I could see WHO was calling (so I could decide if I needed to pull my phone out right then - or it could wait).

I also wanted the smart watch to vibrate when I received a text message AND be able to fully read that text message on my wrist (again, so I could know if it was a "get your phone out NOW" moment - or it could wait).

After a ton of searching online, I narrowed my only real choice for my needs to be a Pebble Smart Watch.

But - I was terrified of how re-donk-u-lous it was going to look on my scrawny petite wrist.

However, I really didn't care about how it looked as much as I cared about it doing what I needed.

I didn't want to TALK into my wrist or play games on my wrist... I just wanted it to be a usable alert system as an extension of my iPhone so I didn't have to obsess over missing a call or text that was important.

Turns out, the Pebble watch is AWESOME!

Is a Pebble Watch Too Big for a Woman's Wrist

my-pebble-smart-watchHere's how it looks on my wrist...

Yep, it's big, but it's not bulky and in my way. I don't think I know any other adult women who have a smaller wrist than I do so if you can deal with how it looks on ME, you will love how a Pebble smart watch fits on your wrist.

And let me tell you this - it is a definite conversation starter.

I can't count how many times complete strangers have asked about my watch. Smart watches and wearable technology are still new concepts for a lot of people and seeing someone like me wearing one of these gadgets makes them think I am some high falootin' tech geek or something...haha! (which I'm totally NOT! I can barely program my coffee maker!)

Funny story - I was in Home Depot recently buying a new dishwasher. Sales guy notices my watch and says, "Oh wow! That's one of those new smart watches, isn't it? It does EVERYTHING, right?"

My reply: "Well, if it did EVERYTHING, I wouldn't be here buying a new dishwasher! If it was a REALLY smart watch, it would wash my dishes, too!" hahahaha!

Pebble Watch For Women - My Thoughts After 3 Months of Wearing It

L-O-V-E my Pebble!

Allllll the anxiety NOT being near your phone causes is whisked away by simply putting a Pebble watch on your wrist.

pebble-text-messageWhen I am out, I can be 100% present in the moment and not feel the need to constantly check my phone. If I am needed by phone call or text, my wrist will vibrate and I can discreetly glance at my wrist to see if it needs my attention right at that moment.

Also, the fear and anxiety carrying a VERY expensive cell phone in your hand causes is also POOF - gone. My iPhone 6 plus stays in my purse or on a counter in my house and I am free to walk around, socialize, work, grocery shop, etc etc without fear of missing something important.


If it looks dorky on me, I could care less anymore. It makes my life better.

Ever been in a situation where it's just tacky - or NOT allowed - to have your cell phone out BUT you need to be reachable for your kids? Like in a business meeting, or at work....

Yeah, well, no more stress about all that when you wear a Pebble.

When I see ALL these women walking around now "one-handed" because the other hand is A-L-W-A-Y-S holding their phone, I want to pat them on the shoulder and say, "Honey, get a Pebble."

Bonus Perks Of Wearing a Pebble

There are also add-on apps you can get for your Pebble smartwatch. There are games and different clock faces that show the time on your main screen, but there are also some really useful (to me) apps that were a real bonus find.

There are health tracking apps - like heart rate and step counters, etc.

There is also an alarm so if you need to remember an appointment at a certain time or wake up at a certain time, the watch will vibrate to alert you.

Pebble Watch for Women Golfers

There is also a golf app (I'm a big golfer). Now, when I'm golfing and wearing my Pebble smartwatch, I can just glance at my watch to see exactly how far I am from the pin. THAT is a big bonus in my world.

Pebble Watch To Control Sonos System

Also, in our house we have a multi-speaker Sonos system set up throughout various rooms and out on our screened-in porch.

Don't know what a Sonos system is? Wowzers, it's simply the best speaker system for your home - period. Check out Sonos here and get all the details. It's AWESOME!

SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker for Streaming MusicSONOS - PLAY:3 Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music (Medium) - BlackSONOS - CONNECT Wireless Streaming Music Stereo Receiver Component

In short, Sonos is a wireless music speaker system that runs through your internet connection. You can control it via your computer, an iphone app, - and now... through my Pebble watch too.

You can have the same station or music playing on all the speakers or have each speaker playing something different...

It's just awesome - read more about it here.

But, to get back on track, there is a Pebble app called Kronos that allows me to work my Sonos speaker system from my wrist.


If I don't like the song that is playing on Pandora or one of the other trillion stations Sonos has, I can simply change it From. My. Wrist!

I want the music to play in the living room and on the porch, but not in my office? I can control that from my wrist too!

Those are just 2 little side bonus benefits that I discovered and use now that I have a Pebble Smart Watch.

Pebble Watch for Women - Summing Up

All in all, I am thrilled with my Pebble.

And let me tell you - the battery charge last a LONG time. Like a WEEK or more without having to recharge it!

It connects to your phone via bluetooth, just like my Jabra bluetooth hands-free phone speaker in my car, and it's really easy to set up.

I haven't had any problems with it after wearing it all these months - and it has made sure I received the truly important phone calls and texts that I simply couldn't miss (ie, "Hey Mom - I'm in labor!!)

As for the price of a Pebble Smart Watch...

Amazon has them now for $50 less than I paid for mine - that is a crazy-good deal!

I'm sure that someday, the gadget gods will come out with truly useable smart watches for women, but until that time, I'm super happy with my Pebble.

So honey, GET A PEBBLE!

Don't worry that it might be too big or look "geeky" - you're gonna look super cool wearing it AND your life will be better with less stress and anxiety.

Trust me 😉