Pandora Mothers Day Charms 2013

If your mom is into Pandora bracelets, you'll love these Mother Pandora Charms that we've found.  Great prices too!  We even found a beautiful mother-daughter Pandora charm that is just precious.

If you're in a hurry you can see all 2013 Mother's Day Pandora Charms right here.

Pandora bracelets and charms are REALLY popular - and women just love them!  I have a few myself!  If you think YOUR mom is THE best mom ever, show her with a new Mom charm for her bracelet.  Trust me, she'll love it!

Here are some of my favorites right here:

Just click and picture to see the charm up close.

Most Popular Mother's Day Pandora Charms for 2013

Pugster Heart Best Mom Charms Beads Fit Pandora Chamilia Biagi Charms Bracelet
Best Mom Pandora Charms

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Queenberry Mothers Day Gift Sterling Silver Best Mom Love Heart Dangle Bead For Pandora Troll European Charm Bracelets
Sterling Silver Best Mom Pandora Charm

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Mothers Day Gifts Bling Jewelry Mother Daughter Heart Dangle Bead Pandora Chamilia Troll Biagi Charms Compatible
Mother Daughter Pandora Charm

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Pugster Watering Can #1 Mom European Beads Fit Pandora Charm Bracelet For Mother
Watering Can #1 Mom Pandora Charm

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Sterling Silver Mother Mom Baby Child Love Family Bead For Pandora Troll European Charm Bracelets
Mother Child Pandora Charm

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Pugster Silver Plated Photo Bead Mothers Day Theme Photo Flower European Charm Bead I Love Mom Fits Pandora Bracelet
I Love You, Mom Pandora Charm

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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there - hope you have an amazing day!



Best Dog Booster Car Seat

When your dog is part of the family, you want them to feel comfortable and secure in your vehicle. They deserve it, right?

The best way to do this is with a dog booster car seat. Dog car seats not only keep your dog safe and secure in your vehicle, they have also been shown to reduce (or totally cure) dog car sickness.

There are definitely some favorite and best rated dog booster seats on the market - and some awful ones that dog owners hate.

Let's dive in and talk about the best dog car seats on the market, read some reviews and more.

Dog Booster Car Seat Info Found on this Page:

We're going to get into a lot about traveling with your dog, booster seats, car seat harnesses and more. If you're in a hurry you can click any link below to go directly to the info you need.

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

Hands down, Snoozer Booster Car seats are the expert choice for your pet.

Just look at this rating -- a 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars!  That is really unheard of!

Snoozer Lookout Car Seats are the favorite for the beloved pet on the go. Simulated lambs wool interior and a quilted outer layer, provides your pet with a cozy place that keeps them safe while riding in your car.

They are comfortable and soft, allowing your pet to be able to curl up and go to sleep.

They come in a variety of colors sure to be a match for you and your pet (see all color choices here).

The quilted cover comes off easily and is washable on gentle cycle. Dry it by line dry or in a dryer on low to medium setting.

The foam frame is very durable and absolutely holds up very well.

Snoozer Lookout Travel Rack

The Snoozer Lookout also includes a Lookout Travel rack that lets your pet have water and food so there is no need for stopping.

The travel rack fits most models. It consists of two square tupperware dishes inside a plastic wired support system. This will then fit either on the side arms of your Lookout system or the front.

The handy storage tray that is included also will keep treats, accessories and even your pet's medicines in one convenient place.

This is a great product if you take your pet with you. Get one for all your vehicles.

It simply is not safe for your pet to be sitting on your lap while you drive, not mention uncomfortable.

The Snoozer Lookout Booster Car Seat allows your pet to be able to look outside and see what is going on. The are sturdy enough for small to large dogs.

Read all the reviews here

Dog Car Seats-Small Dogs

Small dogs riding in a car can be a problem.  They want to move around but are too tiny to see out the window.  This can often make them excitable. If you don not have a place for the that is safe and secure, they may even get hurt.  You do not want that to happen.  Does your pet need the perfect spot in your seat to be able to be comfortable while your on the move?

Small dogs sometimes end up jumping around in a car and and end up hurting themselves. The Snoozer Booster prevents that. If you care about the safety of your pet, then for your own peace of mind, invest in this car booster seat.

Best Console Dog Car Booster Seat

Another fantastic idea for small dogs in a console booster seat.  This booster car seat sits in the console area in the middle of the front seat area of your car or truck.

This allows your pet to be right next to you, see everything to reduce car sickness, AND be safe.

This console booster seat from Snoozer is fantastic and pet owners love it (as do the pups that ride in them!)

Dog Car Sick Cure

If your dog hates to get in the car because he gets carsick then purchase your pooch a booster car seat.

Since they can look ahead and see the road, this is a great way to prevent dog car sickness and make your travel much more enjoyable for BOTH of you.

Dog Booster Car Seat Installation

The Snoozer lookout Booster seat installs easily with the car's seat belt. They come with one strap or two depending upon the model. adapters are also available if needed. Follow provided directions carefully and you will have no problem at all.

The small models fit either the front or the back car seat. It is for pets up to 18 pounds. Pets that lay down up to 6 pounds. It can monogrammed for an extra fee.

The medium model is for pets up to 25 pounds. Laying down pets between 10 to 12 pounds. It can also be monogrammed for an additional cost. It is important that you purchase the correct size. Read the recommendations carefully.

Dog Car Seat Harness Info

If your dog prefers to put his head out of the window and feel the wind, you can use a harness and the belt provided to let him enjoy the fresh air and not have to worry about your pet falling out of the window.

Right now, this is the best dog car seat harness on the market.

Dog owners LOVE it!  Feel free to click here to read all the glowing reviews.

Dog Car Harness Reviews

Consumers have a lot of say about the car harness they use for their dogs.  There's no better advice than the advice and feedback from other dog lovers!

Click Here To see the top-rated and best selling dog car harnesses here.  There is a LOT of consumer feedback and reviews for each of those to help you make the right choice for your dog.

Snoozer Pet Car Seat and Dog Bed

You can even use the Snoozer Lookout as your pet's at home bed. Just put it in the car when you are getting ready for a trip. In this way it will provide your pet with a comfortable familiar place that is soothing, especially for long trips.

Snoozer also offers advice if you are not sure which car seat to buy. If you just want to ask a question they are friendly folks willing to help. Customer Service line is 800-881-3727. Let the dog travel experts help you make the right selection that is best for your pet.

Doggie Car Seats

Don't place you or your pet in danger by allowing them to roam all over the car while traveling. Doggie car seats are especially designed to keep them safe. Show your pet they are a treasured part of your life by providing them with safety and comfort on your travels. They will appreciate it and you will get the satisfaction of knowing you are keeping your beloved pet safe.

Snoozer Dog Booster Car Seat Reviews


Dog Travel Safety Tips

Great video from PetCo with tips to keep your dog safe in the car.

More Pet Car Booster Seats and Reviews



How To Make Hair Bows

Hair bows are a style accessory that never lose their appeal. A well-constructed hair bow looks as good on a baby girls as it does on a teenager, and sophisticated hair bows look great on women of any age.

If you enjoy crafting and you have a little time on your hands, why not learn How To Make Hair Bows?

This will allow you to get exactly the look you want, and when you get your confidence up, you can sell your hair bows to customers as well.

Easy Hair Bow Instructions


Learn How To Make
Hair Bows

Learn How To Make
Cheer Bows

Learn How To Make
Boutique Bows

Hair bows can sit on an elastic band, on a hair clip, on a hard plastic band, or even perch at the end of a bobby pin. Before you try learning to make hair bows for girls, it is a great idea to do a little retail research first. What kinds of hair bows appeal to you? Do you like the bows which are mounted on a clip, or do you prefer them to be on a band? Purchase a few different styles to experiment because you don't want to spend all that time making something that you won't like.

Once you know what style of hair bow appeals to you, you can do one of two things. You can either go ahead and purchase ribbons, a hot glue gun, some sequins, and either the clips or hairbands to use as a base. Or, you can look for some reference materials to show you, step by step, how to make a hair bow. If you have not made hair bows before, it's probably safest to get at least one resource so you have a guide when you start.

Here are some hair bow making resources that can help:

How To Make Hair Bows - Free Lesson

How To Make Boutique Hair Bows - Free Lesson

How To Make Cheer Bows - Free Lesson

You can find books about how to make a hair bow easy at the library in the crafts section, and you can also go to a craft store. Fabric stores often have such books, as do the large discount chain stores. A search engine query for "How To Make Hair Bows" will also yield articles you can print, and even videos you can watch. A good resource will be easy for you to understand, will show styles that you like, and will give a list of the materials needed to you have everything on hand when it's time to start crafting!

One of the advantages to making your own hair bows, is that you can coordinate the colors with certain outfits. Another advantage to making your own is that it just feels so nice to get a compliment and be able to say, "I made that!" If you are interested in selling the hair bows that you make, keep a record of what all the supplies cost you. One more advantage of making your own hair bows, is that they are so much more special when you give them as gifts.

Once you have the materials and the resource guide, it's time to jump into the construction. Be sure you are working in a clean, well-lit environment because that will help your finished product look much better. Follow the instructions carefully and if you get frustrated, step away for a few breaths before you carry on. It's a good idea to make your first few hair bows out of materials you got on sale, so you don't feel as bad if the project comes out a little differently to how you imagined it.

Once you have a few hair bows under your belt, your results will improve dramatically. Before you know it, everyone will wonder where you got that snazzy bow! People will ask you, "do you know How To Make Hair Bows?" You will proudly say "yes, I made this one myself," and you'll be extremely happy you added this skill to your list of hobbies.


Learn How To Make
Hair Bows

Learn How To Make
Cheer Bows

Learn How To Make
Boutique Bows


Terramoto Ceramic Kitchenware in Orange!

I am a big fan of ceramic kitchenware and really love the stuff from Terramoto.  The polka dots and stripes are so much fun and add such a nice touch to any kitchen decor.

I just published a web page that showcases all the orange Terramoto ceramic kitchenware I've found - and boy, is this stuff cute!  I've found orange ceramic bowls, and mugs, and plates and so much more.

Here are the "quick links" if you'd like to see more:

Orange Terramoto Ceramic Kitchenware



Best Vacuums for the Elderly and Seniors

Been wondering what kind of vacuum to get for a senior citizen? That's a great question and one we're gonna answer for you. Let's face it, when you get older, things like arthritis and/or other limiting medical conditions can limit ones ability to do normal everyday household chores. One of those things is vacuuming.

It's important to to take your time, do your research, and choose the best vacuum for the elderly and seniors.  It's important that the vacuum is easy to maneuver, doesn't take up a lot of room, doesn't have tons of attachments, and is really lightweight.

If it's heavy to use or take in and out, it won't be used - plain and simple.

As of this writing, this vacuum cleaner is absolutely the favorite among seniors.  It's very lightweight and very flexible.  Also has amazing feedback (read the reviews here).

We just published this in-depth article showing the best vacuums you can buy for a senior citizen (yes, ones that even YOUR grandmother would really appreciate and love).  Just click any of the "quick links" below to read the info you need.


Buying a Vacuum For the Elderly Information:


That article is over on my vacuum reviews blog.  Feel free to stop by any time.


Best Vacuums For Dorm Rooms? These Are!

Believe it or not, college students really do vacuum their dorm rooms. So what are the best vacuums for dorm rooms? That's what we're going to share right here on this page.

Dorm LifeWhen you have a college student moving into a dorm, you are going to want them to have a proper vacuum for cleaning up messes (yes, many students DO actually vacuum…haha!)

It’s funny because many times, a lot of the college students end up inheriting the old family vacuum. While this is fine to save money, many times this isn’t an option, and it’s actually best to have a more slim  and light-weight model to work with in a dorm room. This is both cheaper and more fitting for a dorm.

Tips For Finding The Best Vacuums For Dorm Rooms

There are definitely some great “dorm room” vacuums out there (you can see all the top-rated dorm vacuums here). When you are considering what vacuum to buy, you should definitely be looking at reviews online. If you see many customers saying for instance that a certain model of vacuum falls apart easily or doesn’t work properly, then you’re going to want to stay away from that model. One bad review doesn’t hold much weight, but a trend speaks for itself. On the flip side, you want to pay attention to good reviews as well.

Above all, be sure to read reviews from real users to get a good feel of the vacuum BEFORE you purchase it.

Below are the top 3 best-rated vacuum cleaners for dorm rooms and small spaces (like apartments). They each have a lot of reviews and feedback from real users so feel free to click thru and read what others have to say.

Current Top-Rated Vacuums for Dorm Rooms

Eureka Easy Clean 2 in 1 Lightweight Vacuum 169B
Eureka Easy Clean Lightweight Vacuum

Read Reviews

Hoover Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum with Power Nozzle S2220
Hoover Flair Bagless Upright Stick Vacuum

Read Reviews

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Read Reviews

See what vacuums any other family or friends have used, and that can be a big help. If this situation presents itself to you, then you can go with advice that you trust here. Of course, it has to be recent advice and not from 20 years ago. Chances are, that model will no longer be available!

You also want to see what roommate situation is going to occur when your son or daughter moves into the dorm. Sometimes they might not have a roommate, and other times there is even more than one. The roommate might bring a vacuum and already have one. This can save you money on the purchase, or you might find out you would rather pack one with your kid anyway. You can also think in terms of Swiffers or Sweepers to help add something that might not be already supplied by the roommate.

The best idea for a dorm is a vacuum that is handheld. Even better, a wet/dry handheld (think of all the spills that happen in dorm rooms!) Of course this piece of advice alone doesn’t make your decision because there are many different brands and models of all sizes and weights in this category as well as different price points.

Current Top-Rated Hand-Held Vacuums for Dorm Rooms

Eureka EasyClean Hand-Held Vacuum 71B
Eureka EasyClean Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner #1 Rated

Read Reviews

Hoover S1120 Hand Held Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum Cleaner
Hoover S1120 Hand Held Wet/Dry Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Read Reviews

Dirt Devil Ultra Power Handheld Vacuum
Dirt Devil Ultra Power Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Read Reviews

It should be a no-brainer that you’re getting a bagless vacuum, but just in case you accidentally get wrapped up in the decision and fail to see this, it needs to be pointed out. You want to make things as easy and simple on your college student as possible. When considering the best vacuums for dorm rooms, everything involved in using the vacuum should be user-friendly and quick and easy.

In a dorm room, there is not much open space but instead space where you have to go around different things. This can present tight corners and little nooks where you need a smaller head on a vacuum to reach properly. Either that, or you need a big vacuum with a hose attachment. Now, it’s been mentioned that you don’t want a big vacuum so there is not going to be a hose attachment. How do you solve this problem? Well, many of the stick models shed parts and become a dust vacuum that can pick stuff up in corners. However, on top of this, you’re not going to want to have to crawl around everywhere on the floor. Therefore, you need to also make sure when the vacuum is fully put together and functional that the head is small enough or has a swivel to where it can fit itself in tight corners. That makes it to where you only have to condense down to dust vac on occasions.

Cordless vacuums present really portable and space-saving options. However, they cost a little more. Still, depending on the specific situation, this can be a great option for your kid. Since you’re covering such a small space, it doesn’t have to hold its charge long, but that doesn’t mean you want to get a cheap model. You still want a quality model that is long-lasting.

When choosing the best vacuums for dorm rooms, you want to think about all the tips that have been mentioned in this article. While it may seem like it is easy to choose a vacuum, you don’t want to forget the things mentioned here that many people often forget about. You want a vacuum that your college student is going to be comfortable with and that can withstand a little abuse. It needs to be something that will easily be used properly as well.

More Dorm Room Accessories

Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Kit stinky Dorm Kit
Stinky Dorm Room?

Odor Neutralizing
Stinky Dorm Kit


The Complete Dorm Room Orgenizer Packedge
Dorm Room Organizers!

The Complete Dorm Room Organizer Set


Comfort Research Big Joe Dorm Chair with Smart Max Fabric
Awesome Dorm Chair!

Comfort Research Big Joe Dorm Chair


Still undecided about which vacuum to get for that dorm room?

Click here to see the top-rated vacuums that college students really want

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Orange Home Appliances

Whether you’re redecorating your kitchen with an orange-colored theme or shopping for a wedding gift or shower gift for someone who loves orange, there are many cute orange home appliances to choose from.  I’ve already talked about this cute orange toaster I love here (it also has a matching coffee maker), but what about some other small appliances for the kitchen?  Let’s take a look!

I’ve collected all kinds of orange appliance ideas and put them together right here on this page.  Basically, I wanted this page to be “eye-candy” for the orange kitchen lover!  Hope you get some good ideas for your orange kitchen.

What Kinds of Orange Home Appliances Can I Get For My Orange Kitchen?

Cuisinart CSB-75 Smart Stick 2-Speed 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender
Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Orange Hand Blender


Proctor-Silex 33112Y 1-1/2-Quart Portable Oval Slow Cooker
Proctor-Silex 1-1/2-Quart Portable Orange Crockpot


Livart Orange BBQ Grill Electric Barbecue Grill
Livart Orange BBQ Grill Electric Indoor Barbecue Grill


The answer to this is a question – what kind of small appliance can you NOT get in orange?  There is everything from orange hand mixers to orange electric grills (yep, a counter-top grill in ORANGE…awesome!)

There are also orange ice cream makers, orange juicers, orange stand mixers, orange food processors, orange iced tea makers, orange waffle makers and so much more!

5 Waffle Stick Maker
Orange Electric Waffle Maker (Stick Waffles)


Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker
Orange Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker


Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini Prep Plus 3-Cup 250-Watt Food Processor
Cuisinart Orange Food Processor


I’ve even found orange crock pots and orange blenders as well.  There are tons of great ideas to really make your orange-themed kitchen pop!

KitchenAid 5-Speed Blenders with Polycarbonate Jars
KitchenAid 5-Speed Orange Blender


KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers
KitchenAid Artisan Orange Stand Mixer


Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed
Cuisinart Orange 3-Speed Hand Mixer


The orange colors range from shades of burnt orange, tangerine, and the more popular bright orange color you see in so many kitchen decor pictures these days.


Want to see more orange home appliances for your kitchen?

Click here to see a lot more orange appliances!



How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last?

Thinking about buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner and wondering how long it will last? Here’s some great info from a Dyson vacuum owner about her Dyson that she’s had for 7 years.  If you’ve ever wondered about the quality and longevity of Dyson vacuums, this review is a must read.


Now, to be clear, her Dyson is a DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright – which Dyson does not make anymore.  It has now been replaced with the much improved Dyson DC25 Animal Ball upright (which is an AWESOME vacuum cleaner that consumers LOVE.  Has a very strong 4+ star rating out of 5 stars and the feedback from real Dyson owners is really valuable. You can read all 550+ reviews here.)


A DC17 Owner’s Perspective On Dyson Vacuum Longevity


As the very happy owner of a Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner I’m often asked how long do Dyson vacuums last? I can safely tell all those who inquire that my Dyson has been going strong for seven years now, without issue, and with proper care and maintenance, I have no doubt I will get many more years of use from my DC17.


Did I just get lucky? Or are all Dyson vacuum cleaners built as well as my DC17? Well, I did get lucky in that I won my DC17 from a contest held for the grand opening of a local department store. Perhaps if I had to pay for my Dyson, I might have been more concerned about its longevity, but since I didn’t, I just wanted to get home and see how this next latest and greatest vacuum would do in my household.


See All Top-Rated Vacuum Cleaners Here


I won my Dyson DC17 the very year that particular model came out. The price for that vacuum cleaner at the time was well over $500, a sum of money I never would have thought to have spent on a vacuum cleaner myself. Current Dyson models comparable to my DC17 can be purchased for considerably less these days, but let me tell you, even at its peak price, Dyson has consistently and reliably delivered, and I constantly assure friends and family that they will never regret the money spent for a Dyson.


I should also tell you that while seven years may not seem like a terribly long period of time, especially for an appliance that pricey, my Dyson has been put to the test, and then some, in my household. I have six cats, two dogs, a semi-messy husband and live on a farm. Dust, dirt and pet hair accumulates quickly in my house. Prior to cleaning with a Dyson, I had several vacuums throughout my cleaning career. It seemed that I needed a different vacuum for every different floor type in my home, and none offered the versatility of the Dyson. Worse yet, few lasted beyond a year or two under the heavy usage necessary to keep my home relatively clean. I say relatively clean because I saw just how much dirt and dog hair was being left behind by my old vacuum cleaners after the first use of my DC17.


When my Black Labrador is in her shedding season, I need to vacuum hair clumps daily. With several long-haired cats, I am constantly vacuuming for them as well. I have had enough dirt tracked into my home from outside that if left untouched, I could be growing several acres of corn in my home. Where most people might vacuum once or twice a week, I have had days where I have vacuumed my home from top to bottom two or three times in a single day. Minimally, I have used my Dyson on an almost daily basis for the last seven years. How long do Dyson vacuums last? Mine has given me close to 3000 cleaning jobs and works as well today as the day it first arrived in my home seven years ago.


Proper maintenance of a Dyson is critical to its success and longevity, but no need to worry, it takes very little time and effort to keep a Dyson vacuum running strong. The DC17 comes with a removable pre-motor filter. This filter can be washed over and over again. The rest of the Dyson can easily be taken apart to take care of any clogs. I have replaced the brush bar on my vacuum, along with the belt, but only because Dyson made some improvements and not only sent me the parts for free, but gave great guided assistance over the phone to help with installation. The cyclone assembly can be sprayed out with water and left to dry thoroughly or cleaned out using an air compressor. Cleaning the cyclone assembly, especially if you frequently vacuum cat litter particles, fine pet hair and outdoor dirt and dust, can keep your Dyson’s suction as strong as it was the first day of use.


See All Consumer Favorite Vacuum Cleaners Here


In my experience, as well as in the experience several friends and family members who are now proud Dyson owners, Dyson vacuum cleaners last a long time and make it a lot easier to maintain a clean home. For the frugally-minded, like myself, I tend to divide the cost of ownership by the amount of use I get from a major home appliance, and in my case, if I had paid full retail for my Dyson, my usage cost at this point is down to .19 per use and just continues to decline with every cleaning job. Spread out over time, my cost runs to far less than what I would have spent buying several new vacuum cleaners over the last seven years. Dyson’s strength and reliability make it a great long-term investment for your home.


I think that really sums up how long Dyson vacuum cleaners last, don’t you?  In my house, it seemed we were buying a new vacuum every year.  I can tell you that now, quality comes first – even if I end up paying more on the front side, it will save me money because it will last.


Just to mention again, the DC17 is no longer available as Dyson now has this amazing DC25 Animal that is even better than it’s predecessor.


Here’s some things people say about their DC25 Animal:


“There is an attachment for everything, and it takes less than 5 seconds (I counted) to choose one, hook it up and start using it. If you have hair all over your sofas, or your bedspread, behind your toilet, on top of your fan blades, or even just a healthy buildup of dust- there’s an attachment for that, and it will blow your mind.”

“I got four words for you dog lovers…”NO MORE PET HAIR!!!”

“Our maid recommended this vacuum since we have many pets in the house. It is very durable, a great design and works like a charm. I highly recommend this Animal.”


You can read all the reviews right here.


Which vacuum cleaners do real people like best?

See all their top-rated vacuums right here.


Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC25
Ball All-Floors
Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC25
Animal Ball-Technology
Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC41
Animal Ball Bagless
Vacuum Cleaner





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Hoover MaxExtract Carpet Cleaners – Reviews

hoover-maxextract-carpet-cleanerLet’s talk about the Max Extract carpet cleaners from Hoover. Are they any good? What kind of reviews do consumers share? Above all, is a Hoover Max Extract a great carpet cleaner for the money?

There are a multitude of carpet cleaners out there and all of them promise to make life so much easier for you. Instead of making a rush decision and purchasing the most expensive one, you want to take your time in reading the different features and specifications of the machine you’ve got your eye on.

The first thing to consider is the amount of carpeting and type of flooring at home. Take note of the machine’s performance, capacity, filtration system, specs and ease of use. Above all, read the feedback from those that already own and use the carpet cleaner, Real consumers share really good information so take advantage of it!

For example, that picture above where it shows cleaned/not cleaned. That is a picture a real user of a Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner shared. As you can see, the Hoover carpet cleaner does a great job! (see that image up close here).

OK, let’s look at 2 models of the Hoover Max Extract.

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Clea…

This powerful machine uses rotating brushes to remove deep seated dirt from the carpet. It has three settings: Spill Pick-up, Gentle Scrub and Power Scrub.

With its Dual V technology,power is evenly distributed to pull the dirt, detergent and water up and out.

All you have to do is add the water and cleaning solution and then the Automatic Detergent Mixing System will determine the appropriate ratio.

This is a fantastic carpet cleaning machine to have if you want something durable and reliable. It gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Read Over 800 reviews here

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet…

The Hoover F7452900 is an outstanding all-terrain carpet and hard surface cleaner that uses a powerful 12 amp motor.

The spinning brushes cleans the whole area quickly and efficiently. It automatically determines the ratio of water and detergent. This is especially helpful for heavily-soiled areas.

The package includes Spin Scrub brushes, hard floor squeegee and large wheels.

This powerful machine comes with an eight-foot hose and removable tool caddy, six removable brushes and 30-inch power cord.

Click here to read the reviews

Hoover Max Extract 60 Video Review

See all Hoover Carpet Cleaners Here

Cute Orange Toaster – Love it!

A few of my readers asked me to help them find a cute orange 2-slice toaster that would look great in their orange kitchen – AND that was high-quality and was affordable.  I found one!

This cute little 2-slice toaster from Kalorik is super cute and gets the job done.  Not a lot of whistles and bells, but if you want a toaster that fits in with your orange kitchen decor, this is perfect.

Kalorik calls the color “tangerine”, but it’s orange no matter what you call it  ;)

One neat feature it does have is more than just how “toasted” you want your toast.  You can also choose from defrost and reheat.  Yes, it can warm up buns without toasting them.  Isn’t that pretty neat?  I think so!

Just a note:  the power cord for this orange toaster is orange as well.  I don’t know what, but it drives me crazy when an “orange” kitchen appliance has a black cord – yuck!

How About a Matching Orange Coffee Maker?

If you really like the style of this orange toaster, they have a matching orange coffee maker as well.

It’s a cute little 8-cup coffee maker and the set looks fantastic together!

btw, you can get BOTH the orange toaster AND the orange coffee maker for less than $64 here with free shipping.

That’s a great deal, folks!

Want to learn more?

- Read all reviews for the orange toaster here

- Read all reviews of the orange coffee maker here