The Best Vacuum Cleaner To Buy – My Quest

Isn't it odd when something as simple as finding a new vacuum cleaner becomes an obsession?  It's happened to me...and I don't think it's normal..haha!  You may have noticed more and more vacuum cleaner review type posts on my various sites with everything from talking about orange vacuum cleaners to the top-rated vacuum cleaner resources I use.

In fact, I have all these review pages as well:


I also have a Top-Rated Vacuum Cleaners board on Pinterest as well!

Yep, it's apparently an obsession...I MUST know the best vacuum cleaner to buy - haha!

So, in order to feed my obsession in a more organized way, I have started a separate vacuum reviews website so I can post all about all kinds of vacuum cleaners there.

My new site is here:  My Vacuum Reviews

I just posted my first review over there - Shark Pet Perfect Vacuum - Is It Really Perfect?

Feel free to stop by anytime you're in the mood - or in need of a new vacuum cleaner.