I love my steam mop. There's something about using it that makes me feel like I got my floors really, truly clean. I also have pets - one cat, in particular, who tends to "miss" the litter box and dirty my tile laundry room floor - steam mops and pets go together really well. Steam cleaning the laundry room floor truly removes the residual odor from her mess so she doesn't smell that one area and get the big, hairy idea to go there again.

I also love my steam mop for my kitchen floors and wood floors - makes SUCH a difference! We have little ones, so I also feel better that they are crawling around on sanitary floors that weren't cleaned with all kinds of chemicals.

Anyway, before I bought this steam mop, I read a TON of reviews. There are so many different steam mops available in 2015 that it can totally over-whelm you.

Now listen, there are some really cruddy steam mops out there so read the reviews, trust the best-rated consumer ratings and reports, and don't judge a steam mop by price.

Here are the reviews I read and links to the steam mops I compared before buying.