Best Hoover Bagless Vacuum? My Choice

Hoover makes some amazing vacuum cleaners, don't they?  Heck, they even have this vacuum cleaner that sticks to the ceiling - crazy!

But what about Hoover bagless vacuums?  Are they any good?  Which Hoover is best for the money?

What I didn't know is that Hoover has quite a few top-rated bagless vacuums (see them all here).  The WindTunnel UH70210 Upright is the biggest consumer favorite tho (read my full review here).

Yep, it's really powerful, and yep, it has a long 27-foot cord, and YEP, it also has that cool Hoover technology called "rewind" where the cord just pops right back into the vacuum for you (so much nicer than having to wind and wrap it).

To me, it's great for all the "full" vacuuming jobs around the house, but it's pretty big for pulling out just for a quick pick-it-up (if you have kids, you know exactly what I mean).

Best Hoover Bagless For The Money - My Choice

The best Hoover bagless vacuum for ME is their lightweight stick model - the Hoover Flair Bagless Stick with power nozzle.

Apparently, I'm not the only one that LOVES this bagless stick vacuum from Hoover - it has a really strong 4 out of 5 star ratings from consumers and over 1700 reviews!  (read all the real consumer reviews here).

This Hoover stick vacuum is super lightweight and has a strong 7 amp motor.  It also has what Hoover calls a "power nozzle" which really improves the suction power.  Now don't be fooled and think this is a bagless vacuum just for hardwood floors, linoleum, or ceramic - it works great on carpet too.  The swivel head also makes it easy to get in all kinds of tight spaces when you're vacuuming.

So, while I really DO like the Hoover WindTunnel, my overall vote for the BEST Hoover bagless vacuum is for the Hoover Flair (less than $40 with free shipping here - that's the best price I've found and it's a really awesome deal!)