Cheapest ScoopFree Litter Box Refills – 50% Off Here

Yep, you read that right - I get my ScoopFree automatic litter box refill cartridges at a big discount (almost 50% off the regular price) - and I'm gonna tell you how I do it.

I even get free shipping!

I'm gonna tell ya - I was thrilled beyond words to find this place online to find my litter box refills at such a great price - those things are SO expensive.

But in this house, they are a necessity.

We have 2 cats... they're older, finicky, and persnickety. If you have cats, you know what I mean.

If there is anything they are REALLY finicky about it is their litter box situation.

In our old house, things weren't working out so well so when we moved to a new house, I was DETERMINED to end the madness with the cat pee situation with our kitty-kitties.

I'll tell you that whole story below and how I stopped them from peeing in the wrong places for good and saved my new house below.

But first, let me show you where and HOW to save big on the refill cartridges for ScoopFree automatic litter boxes.


Save Big on ScoopFree Litter Refills - the Short Steps:

1. Click to go to this product page - put 6-pack of refills in cart.

2. Enter this code: save20now

3. Click "apply"

4. Check out!

That's it - BIG savings AND no cost for shipping!

ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Automatic Litter Box - LOVE IT!

I LOVE this automatic litter box and now that I've had it for over 2 years, I can't believe I ever hesitated over the price. This litter box has made a world of difference in our house!

I got this ScoopFree Ultra because I wanted the cover/hood for it (I tell you why below) and as far as I can find, this is the best price around right now.

Cleaning it is SO easy... lean the lid back, take the old litter cartridge out - put the new one in.

Done!  Read 800+ Reviews Here

The Problem with ScoopFree Automatic Litter Boxes

The biggest "problem" and the only con I can possibly think of with this automatic litter box is that the refill litter cartridges are SO expensive!

Heck, I've seen them being sold for as much as $20 a PIECE!

Let's do the math - if you have more than one cat (as I do) and need to replace the litter in your ScoopFree auto litter box every other week, thats $40 a month and darn near $500 a YEAR.

BUT - I have figured out how to cut that price in HALF and found a place to get my litter refill cartridges for WAY less.

Go ahead and check current prices on these litter refill trays here:

ScoopFree Replacement Litter Tray Cartridge (Single Pack)
ScoopFree Replacement Litter Tray Single Cartridge
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ScoopFree Litter Tray Refills with Premium Blue Crystals Pack of 6
ScoopFree Litter Tray Refills with Premium Blue Crystals 6-Pack
Check Price

ScoopFree LT2-R3 Litter Tray Refills with Free Crystals 6-pack
ScoopFree LT2-R3 Litter Tray Refills with Free Crystals 6-pack
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How To Save BIG On Your ScoopFree Refills

I had my 6 pack of ScoopFree refills set to auto-ship through Amazon every 6 months. I knew I would need them so when I got down to about 3 left, I set up the autoship.

That cost me about $90 when I did this through Amazon - which is about $15 per refill cartridge.

I *thought* I was getting a good deal. Boy, was I wrong!

SO this past month I noticed I was OUT of refills - GASP! I checked on Amazon to figure out why I hadn't gotten my latest auto-ship delivery.

Turns out, Amazon was sold out....

I checked on the prices for 3-packs refills and well, it was really expensive so I set out to poke around the internet to see who else sold them for (hopefully) a great price.

Amazing what a little extra research time can dig up for you =)

I found a site that not only sells the 6-pack refill cartridges for MUCH less, but they also offer free (fast) shipping - AND.... they offer 20% off first time customers.

Their regular price is $79.99 (that right there is at least $10 less than Amazon) - then free shipping - and THEN another $16.00 off!

That brought the price down to just under $64 (or - about $10 per litter refill cartridge)!!!!

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to discover it.

Now, let me tell you how YOU can get that same deal.

Here's How To Get 50% Off Your ScoopFree Refills

You're gonna go to this page for the 6-pack refills.

Then, when you check out, type this code in when you're in your cart:


(all one word - no spaces or anything)

That code will let you save 20% of your refill cartridges (or your total order - I think it's a $20 max discount on your total purchase).

Once you hit "apply" - you'll see your discount instantly taken off your order total.

With their free shipping, you'll get your cartridges in about 2 business days!


This is a GREAT deal on Scoop-Free refill automatic litter box cartridges - best I've ever found.

Hope that helps YOU save money as well.

In my next post, I'll introduce you to my two cats and tell the story of how I got them both to stop peeing in the house AND protected my new house from them ever starting.