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Cute Orange Toaster – Love it!

A few of my readers asked me to help them find a cute orange 2-slice toaster that would look great in their orange kitchen – AND that was high-quality and was affordable.  I found one!

This cute little 2-slice toaster from Kalorik is super cute and gets the job done.  Not a lot of whistles and bells, but if you want a toaster that fits in with your orange kitchen decor, this is perfect.

Kalorik calls the color “tangerine”, but it’s orange no matter what you call it  ;)

One neat feature it does have is more than just how “toasted” you want your toast.  You can also choose from defrost and reheat.  Yes, it can warm up buns without toasting them.  Isn’t that pretty neat?  I think so!

Just a note:  the power cord for this orange toaster is orange as well.  I don’t know what, but it drives me crazy when an “orange” kitchen appliance has a black cord – yuck!

How About a Matching Orange Coffee Maker?

If you really like the style of this orange toaster, they have a matching orange coffee maker as well.

It’s a cute little 8-cup coffee maker and the set looks fantastic together!

btw, you can get BOTH the orange toaster AND the orange coffee maker for less than $64 here with free shipping.

That’s a great deal, folks!

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