How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last?

Thinking about buying a Dyson vacuum cleaner and wondering how long it will last? Here’s some great info from a Dyson vacuum owner about her Dyson that she’s had for 7 years.  If you’ve ever wondered about the quality and longevity of Dyson vacuums, this review is a must read.


Now, to be clear, her Dyson is a DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright – which Dyson does not make anymore.  It has now been replaced with the much improved Dyson DC25 Animal Ball upright (which is an AWESOME vacuum cleaner that consumers LOVE.  Has a very strong 4+ star rating out of 5 stars and the feedback from real Dyson owners is really valuable. You can read all 550+ reviews here.)


A DC17 Owner’s Perspective On Dyson Vacuum Longevity


As the very happy owner of a Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner I’m often asked how long do Dyson vacuums last? I can safely tell all those who inquire that my Dyson has been going strong for seven years now, without issue, and with proper care and maintenance, I have no doubt I will get many more years of use from my DC17.


Did I just get lucky? Or are all Dyson vacuum cleaners built as well as my DC17? Well, I did get lucky in that I won my DC17 from a contest held for the grand opening of a local department store. Perhaps if I had to pay for my Dyson, I might have been more concerned about its longevity, but since I didn’t, I just wanted to get home and see how this next latest and greatest vacuum would do in my household.


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I won my Dyson DC17 the very year that particular model came out. The price for that vacuum cleaner at the time was well over $500, a sum of money I never would have thought to have spent on a vacuum cleaner myself. Current Dyson models comparable to my DC17 can be purchased for considerably less these days, but let me tell you, even at its peak price, Dyson has consistently and reliably delivered, and I constantly assure friends and family that they will never regret the money spent for a Dyson.


I should also tell you that while seven years may not seem like a terribly long period of time, especially for an appliance that pricey, my Dyson has been put to the test, and then some, in my household. I have six cats, two dogs, a semi-messy husband and live on a farm. Dust, dirt and pet hair accumulates quickly in my house. Prior to cleaning with a Dyson, I had several vacuums throughout my cleaning career. It seemed that I needed a different vacuum for every different floor type in my home, and none offered the versatility of the Dyson. Worse yet, few lasted beyond a year or two under the heavy usage necessary to keep my home relatively clean. I say relatively clean because I saw just how much dirt and dog hair was being left behind by my old vacuum cleaners after the first use of my DC17.


When my Black Labrador is in her shedding season, I need to vacuum hair clumps daily. With several long-haired cats, I am constantly vacuuming for them as well. I have had enough dirt tracked into my home from outside that if left untouched, I could be growing several acres of corn in my home. Where most people might vacuum once or twice a week, I have had days where I have vacuumed my home from top to bottom two or three times in a single day. Minimally, I have used my Dyson on an almost daily basis for the last seven years. How long do Dyson vacuums last? Mine has given me close to 3000 cleaning jobs and works as well today as the day it first arrived in my home seven years ago.


Proper maintenance of a Dyson is critical to its success and longevity, but no need to worry, it takes very little time and effort to keep a Dyson vacuum running strong. The DC17 comes with a removable pre-motor filter. This filter can be washed over and over again. The rest of the Dyson can easily be taken apart to take care of any clogs. I have replaced the brush bar on my vacuum, along with the belt, but only because Dyson made some improvements and not only sent me the parts for free, but gave great guided assistance over the phone to help with installation. The cyclone assembly can be sprayed out with water and left to dry thoroughly or cleaned out using an air compressor. Cleaning the cyclone assembly, especially if you frequently vacuum cat litter particles, fine pet hair and outdoor dirt and dust, can keep your Dyson’s suction as strong as it was the first day of use.


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In my experience, as well as in the experience several friends and family members who are now proud Dyson owners, Dyson vacuum cleaners last a long time and make it a lot easier to maintain a clean home. For the frugally-minded, like myself, I tend to divide the cost of ownership by the amount of use I get from a major home appliance, and in my case, if I had paid full retail for my Dyson, my usage cost at this point is down to .19 per use and just continues to decline with every cleaning job. Spread out over time, my cost runs to far less than what I would have spent buying several new vacuum cleaners over the last seven years. Dyson’s strength and reliability make it a great long-term investment for your home.


I think that really sums up how long Dyson vacuum cleaners last, don’t you?  In my house, it seemed we were buying a new vacuum every year.  I can tell you that now, quality comes first – even if I end up paying more on the front side, it will save me money because it will last.


Just to mention again, the DC17 is no longer available as Dyson now has this amazing DC25 Animal that is even better than it’s predecessor.


Here’s some things people say about their DC25 Animal:


“There is an attachment for everything, and it takes less than 5 seconds (I counted) to choose one, hook it up and start using it. If you have hair all over your sofas, or your bedspread, behind your toilet, on top of your fan blades, or even just a healthy buildup of dust- there’s an attachment for that, and it will blow your mind.”

“I got four words for you dog lovers…”NO MORE PET HAIR!!!”

“Our maid recommended this vacuum since we have many pets in the house. It is very durable, a great design and works like a charm. I highly recommend this Animal.”


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Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC25
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Dyson DC25
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