Best Dog Booster Car Seat

When your dog is part of the family, you want them to feel comfortable and secure in your vehicle. They deserve it, right?

The best way to do this is with a dog booster car seat. Dog car seats not only keep your dog safe and secure in your vehicle, they have also been shown to reduce (or totally cure) dog car sickness.

There are definitely some favorite and best rated dog booster seats on the market - and some awful ones that dog owners hate.

Let's dive in and talk about the best dog car seats on the market, read some reviews and more.

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We're going to get into a lot about traveling with your dog, booster seats, car seat harnesses and more. If you're in a hurry you can click any link below to go directly to the info you need.

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

Hands down, Snoozer Booster Car seats are the expert choice for your pet.

Just look at this rating -- a 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars!  That is really unheard of!

Snoozer Lookout Car Seats are the favorite for the beloved pet on the go. Simulated lambs wool interior and a quilted outer layer, provides your pet with a cozy place that keeps them safe while riding in your car.

They are comfortable and soft, allowing your pet to be able to curl up and go to sleep.

They come in a variety of colors sure to be a match for you and your pet (see all color choices here).

The quilted cover comes off easily and is washable on gentle cycle. Dry it by line dry or in a dryer on low to medium setting.

The foam frame is very durable and absolutely holds up very well.

Snoozer Lookout Travel Rack

The Snoozer Lookout also includes a Lookout Travel rack that lets your pet have water and food so there is no need for stopping.

The travel rack fits most models. It consists of two square tupperware dishes inside a plastic wired support system. This will then fit either on the side arms of your Lookout system or the front.

The handy storage tray that is included also will keep treats, accessories and even your pet's medicines in one convenient place.

This is a great product if you take your pet with you. Get one for all your vehicles.

It simply is not safe for your pet to be sitting on your lap while you drive, not mention uncomfortable.

The Snoozer Lookout Booster Car Seat allows your pet to be able to look outside and see what is going on. The are sturdy enough for small to large dogs.

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Dog Car Seats-Small Dogs

Small dogs riding in a car can be a problem.  They want to move around but are too tiny to see out the window.  This can often make them excitable. If you don not have a place for the that is safe and secure, they may even get hurt.  You do not want that to happen.  Does your pet need the perfect spot in your seat to be able to be comfortable while your on the move?

Small dogs sometimes end up jumping around in a car and and end up hurting themselves. The Snoozer Booster prevents that. If you care about the safety of your pet, then for your own peace of mind, invest in this car booster seat.

Best Console Dog Car Booster Seat

Another fantastic idea for small dogs in a console booster seat.  This booster car seat sits in the console area in the middle of the front seat area of your car or truck.

This allows your pet to be right next to you, see everything to reduce car sickness, AND be safe.

This console booster seat from Snoozer is fantastic and pet owners love it (as do the pups that ride in them!)

Dog Car Sick Cure

If your dog hates to get in the car because he gets carsick then purchase your pooch a booster car seat.

Since they can look ahead and see the road, this is a great way to prevent dog car sickness and make your travel much more enjoyable for BOTH of you.

Dog Booster Car Seat Installation

The Snoozer lookout Booster seat installs easily with the car's seat belt. They come with one strap or two depending upon the model. adapters are also available if needed. Follow provided directions carefully and you will have no problem at all.

The small models fit either the front or the back car seat. It is for pets up to 18 pounds. Pets that lay down up to 6 pounds. It can monogrammed for an extra fee.

The medium model is for pets up to 25 pounds. Laying down pets between 10 to 12 pounds. It can also be monogrammed for an additional cost. It is important that you purchase the correct size. Read the recommendations carefully.

Dog Car Seat Harness Info

If your dog prefers to put his head out of the window and feel the wind, you can use a harness and the belt provided to let him enjoy the fresh air and not have to worry about your pet falling out of the window.

Right now, this is the best dog car seat harness on the market.

Dog owners LOVE it!  Feel free to click here to read all the glowing reviews.

Dog Car Harness Reviews

Consumers have a lot of say about the car harness they use for their dogs.  There's no better advice than the advice and feedback from other dog lovers!

Click Here To see the top-rated and best selling dog car harnesses here.  There is a LOT of consumer feedback and reviews for each of those to help you make the right choice for your dog.

Snoozer Pet Car Seat and Dog Bed

You can even use the Snoozer Lookout as your pet's at home bed. Just put it in the car when you are getting ready for a trip. In this way it will provide your pet with a comfortable familiar place that is soothing, especially for long trips.

Snoozer also offers advice if you are not sure which car seat to buy. If you just want to ask a question they are friendly folks willing to help. Customer Service line is 800-881-3727. Let the dog travel experts help you make the right selection that is best for your pet.

Doggie Car Seats

Don't place you or your pet in danger by allowing them to roam all over the car while traveling. Doggie car seats are especially designed to keep them safe. Show your pet they are a treasured part of your life by providing them with safety and comfort on your travels. They will appreciate it and you will get the satisfaction of knowing you are keeping your beloved pet safe.

Snoozer Dog Booster Car Seat Reviews


Dog Travel Safety Tips

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