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Should You Buy a YETI Cooler?

step0004[1]As I ask around my family for what gift they really, really want, I get to my husband who says, "I REALLY want a YETI cooler!!!"

Well ok, easy enough!  So off I go to buy a YETI cooler online.

WHOA, wait a minute!  Why the heck are YETI Coolers SOOOOOO expensive!?!? (here's why)

Seriously, even the cheapest aren't "cheap"...

=> check out these SALE prices on YETI coolers here.


What is so darn special about a YETI cooler?

So, you know exactly what I did next... I went online to research and compare YETI coolers and see if they are really worth the price.

Here's some info I found:

Long story short, yes, YETI coolers are worth the money.

They are EXCEPTIONAL coolers and with all the camping we do, it will be a very worth-while investment for our family.  In fact, after all my research, it didn't make sense to buy any cooler BUT a YETI cooler.

If you want and NEED the best, you get THE best, right?

We do a TON outdoors and while keeping drinks cold for days at a time is great, keeping our food fresh and SAFE to EAT for as long as possible is my ultimate priority.

Here are the web pages I read that really helped me understand why YETI coolers are so much different and better than other coolers and ultimately help me decide if I should buy a YETI cooler or not.

Hint:  Yes, we totally bought a YETI.  Best investment ever for this family =)

Here are some great prices on various types of YETI coolers...


And here are some web pages that helped me make the decision to buy a YETI cooler:

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