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A Whole House Humidifier to Beat the Dry Winter Air?

Here comes winter...and here comes that nasty dry air that just kills me each year.  This year, I'm being proactive and doing research on what to DO for dry air in my house.

It seems the obvious answer (after researching a bit and reading a TON of info and reviews) is to get a humidifier for the whole house... aka - a whole house humidifier (clever name, right?  lol!)

But wow, after reading all that, I'm a bit intimidated.  Sure, I could get some little plug-in jobby humidifier, but who really wants to be refilling those things all the time?  Not me! So I guess I need a furnace humidifier?  Is that the same as a "whole house humidifier"?  Really, a humidifier for 1000 sq ft would be ok - as long as it covers the master bedroom... that dry air in a real booger when I'm sleeping!  Ewwy nose bleeds!  I'd prefer it to truly cover the "whole house" and humidify about 2500 square feet or so.

Do I NEED a whole house humidifier?  How much IS a whole house humidifier?

That's what I've been researching - and any input would be very welcomed, thank you!

I've been reading some really helpful reviews of the Essick Whole House Humidifier (thank goodness for reviews, right?)  This whole house humidifier only has to be filled like once a week or so even if you keep it running 24/7.  That's a definite plus for me!  And it's got a little thing that lets you know when you need to refill (not that it's hard to remember - it's just easy to!)

Sounds as if it's good for at LEAST 1000 sq ft and claims to cover up to 2500 sq ft - that's what I'm talkin' about!  And, it's also really quiet... perfect!

Thank you, Mr (Miss?) Moonlighteye for that awesome review on Amazon!

The other option I've been looking at is the AprilAire furnace humidifier The reviews are really helpful (especially this review), but something makes me think I might be over my head when it comes to installing this.

BUT, once I read how well it works and that it's perfect for a 2-story home...that makes me think it would probably be the best solution for me and I'd just bite the bullet and pay someone to install it for me.  Currently, the AprilAire is only about $30 more than the Essick - which kinda sounds as if it's the best idea.

These are the two whole house humidifier options I'm choosing between.  What are your thoughts?

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