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Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker Review

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Common Questions and Answers about the Breville YouBrew

Q. Can You Use K-Cups with the YouBrew?

A. No, you can't - but that actually means you'll save money.

Q. What Temperature Does the YouBrew Brew Coffee At?

A. The YouBrew brews at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How Long Does the YouBrew Take to Brew a Mug/Single Serve of Coffee?

A. It takes about 4 or 5 minutes depending on your strength settings.

Q. Why Choose the YouBrew With the Thermal Carafe Instead of the Glass Carafe?

A. The glass carafe version of the YouBrew heats the coffee via a warming plate underneath the coffee pot - meaning your coffee is "cooking" the whole time which could end up causing the nasty burnt taste that is common with traditional coffee makers. The thermal carafe simply keeps the coffee hot for hours without continuing to cook it - meaning, a much better cup of coffee long after it's done brewing.

Q. How Tall is the YouBrew Coffee Maker?

A. The dimensions of this coffee maker are approximately 12 inches deep and 8 inches wide. The coffee maker sites at about 16 inches in height BUT - you need about another 6 inches or so of clearance at the top to add your water and coffee beans.

Q. How Often Should You Descale the YouBrew Coffee Maker?

A. Descaling is recommended about once a month, however, this is one smart coffee maker and gives you a message on the LCD screen to let you know when you need to do it.

Q. How Do You Measure the Correct Amount of Coffee Beans for the Grinder in the YouBrew?

A. You don't have to - just keep the coffee bean grinder hopper filled and the YouBrew only uses what it needs.

Q. Is the YouBrew Easy to Clean?

A. Sure is! It just takes a few minutes and they give you cleaning tablets to do it.

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